Olde Good Things Antique Store NYC

—Jann Walker   Always worth a visit because you never know what amazing goodies you will find. Tons of unique items in all of the NYC stores but the best stuff is in the Scranton warehouses. —Wesley Works   —  

Seidenberg Antiques

The best antique store I’ve vistied by far in US, you can find so many high quality stuff there. —Junwei Zhang   bad costumer service. —Olivia Nightshadow   —  

John Koch Antiques

John’s Antique Shop is a true New York City gem – the kind of magical place that is near impossible to find nowadays, and we are blessed to have it on the upper west side. I have frequented John’s for the last five years as part of my weekend routine, and even used the shop … Read more

Metropolitan Fine Arts & Antiques

(Translated by Google) Exclusive store, worth seeing (Original) Exclusiva tienda, digna de ver —Fabricio Lederhos   Very alluring storefront, so I took a look inside in hopes of finding antique furniture to see/buy. The doorman was very professional and polite. Sadly, one of the salesmen led me to post this review. He told me there … Read more


Adam was fantastic. He was prompt, professional and exceedingly considerate. He wanted to make sure that our children didn’t want some of the pieces. Nothing that he said differed from other antique dealers’ views and his prices were excellent. I would highly recommend him. —Bob Martin   If you’re about to liquidate your estate or … Read more

Mantiques Modern

Ok so they have some great things in this store, but here’s the thing nothing is priced, so if your interested in anything you have to ask and they tell you a price, (I asked several prices) this is without checking anywhere, so it gives you the feeling that they are just pulling figures from … Read more

More & More Antiques

Beautiful store with friendly and engaging owners! There’s something new to see with every pass around the store. —chris creason   Incredible unique ornaments…like none other. Wonderful customer service! —Cynthia Hanson   —