Requirements for a RUSH Student Visa

Download the Visa application form HERE

NOTE: There are several special requirements for visas that will be used by minors. In order to get a student visa one must be enrolled in an educational institution in Ghana. Please take special care to make sure any visa applications for minors are fully complemented with the required documentation.

  1. PASSPORT: Submit your valid, signed passport. Your passport must not expire for at least 6 months and should have at least one blank visa page for processing.

  2. APPLICATION: One Completed Application Form - Available HERE- MUST include your contact information
    • Please add your email address
    • Make sure that your cell phone number is on your application

  3. PHOTO: One passport photo (2"x2") - a recent, official, color passport picture, attached to the upper right hand corner of the application

    • NO scans, selfies, or copies of pictures are acceptable and no glasses should be worn.

  4. DOCUMENTATION: If the visa is for a Non-US citizen or a child under 18 years of age, please include all following documentation:

    • NON-US Citizens: a front and back copy of a US Green Card, Form I-94, or US visa
    • Minors/Children (Under age 18): a copy of their birth certificate, color copies of their parents'/guardians' ID's and a completed, notarized parent/guardian consent form.

  5. LETTER OF INVITATION from the Inviting Educational Institution: A copy of the invitation letter, on the school letterhead, from the sponsoring entity in Ghana admitting the applicant into their program

  6. PAYMENT: We accept Money Orders, Postal Orders, and Cashier's Checks - No cash, credits cards, or personal/company checks please

    • Multiple Entry Visa: $200 - Multiple Visits - Rush requests received Monday through Thursday will be processed same day.
      • $100 money order, postal order, or cashier's check made payable to the "Ghana Embassy" for the application fee
      • $100 money order, postal order, or cashier's check made payable to "Diane Webb" for the RUSH fee.

  7. RETURN ENVELOPE: Enclose a Pre-Paid, Self-Addressed, Trackable Envelope - when issued, your visa and passport will be placed in the envelope you provided and mailed back to you. Make sure you write down the tracking numbers from BOTH envelopes.


  • Multiple entry visas are valid for 3 years unless the passport expires within the 3 year period.
  • Ghanaians, by birth, are entitled to a multiple entry visa that is valid for 5 years unless the passport expires within the 5 year period.
  • There is no requirement that you purchase your ticket before requesting a multiple entry visa.
  • All visas are invalidated when the passport expires
Mail the above in a Pre-Paid, Trackable Envelope with "Signature Waived" to:

Consulate of Ghana
3535 Westheimer Road, Suite #235
Houston, TX 77027

Include a Pre-Paid, Self-Addressed, Trackable Envelope for return of your passport.


NOTE: It is important that you keep the tracking numbers from both envelopes to enable you to track your packages.
If your RUSH application is received on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday it will be processed and mailed back on that same day.

WALK-IN RUSH VISAS can be issued at:
3535 Westheimer Road, Suite #235
Houston, TX 77027
Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 9AM - 4PM (Except Holidays).
It takes about 15 minutes per visa, no appointment is required.
(Enter the parking lot via the Joanel cross street: see image below)